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THE STORY OF JESUS: John 19:12-16
“We have no king but Caesar.” (John 19:15)
The religious leaders are pledging loyalty to Caesar.
Many religious leaders in Nazi Germany did the same to Hitler.
Are religious leaders loyal to political parties and leaders today?
Who should we as Jesus followers be loyal to?
Christians should be political (i.e. involved in societal concerns).
But should they be loyal to political leaders or parties?
The only ‘prince’ that we can put our confidence in is Jesus.
All other leaders will fail and disappoint.
We should pray for them, but we should avoid adopting their platforms.
‘I have no king (or prime minister, or president) but Jesus’.
I have become very disillusioned by politics and politicians.
Hope for change will not come by campaign promises or majority governments.
We need more Jesus followers living and loving and leading like Jesus.
If you want to effect change in the world, vote for Jesus by following Him!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, forgive us for adopting worldly policies and platforms, while ignoring Your platform. I vote for You!

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  1. Doing the right thing.
    Courage to do what is right.
    I need to pray for the politicians that they have the courage to do what is right and not giv empty promises to please the masses. They need to be GodStrong.
    And I too, need to be GodStrong in my living for Jesus – to stand up for Jesus. God having His way also through me.

    Living for Jesus a life that is true,
    Striving to please Him in all that I do;
    Yielding allegiance, glad-hearted and free,
    This is the pathway of blessing for me.

    O Jesus, Lord and Savior,
    I give myself to Thee,
    For Thou, in Thy [redemption],*
    Didst give Thyself for me;
    I own no other Master,
    My heart shall be Thy throne,
    My life I give, henceforth to live,
    O Christ, for Thee alone.

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