Make 2019 a year to bless others!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Acts 3:11-26
“Through your offspring all peoples on earth will be blessed.” (Acts 3:21)
Compare Peter and John’s boldness here to their fear before Jesus died.
Either they’re nuts, or they’re telling the truth!
They are not just on fire about ‘forgiveness’ or ‘going to heaven’.
They know God is using Jesus and them to bless the nations…
To bring times of refreshing to the whole world!
To restore God’s creation paradise, and bless all people!
God has placed ‘Adam’ on the throne to make things ‘very good’.
Healing this man is a sign of what God wants to do for everyone.
Like Peter and John, I want to be a blessing people in Jesus Name!
To be known for blessing – not judging, or hiding, or hypocrisy.
This is our job until Jesus’ returns, to be witnesses of Who He is.
To spread times of refreshing (v.20) until God restores everything (v.21).
As a Jesus follower, make it your new year’s resolution to do this.
Look for ways today to show people God’s plan to bless and restore the world.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, we have been blessed to be a blessing. You are on the throne, but You are exercising Your rule through us, by the Spirit. Help me to see the opportunities today to bless people in Your Name.


  1. A Jesus follower.
    A disciple.
    Doing His will by my living for Jesus.
    Going forward in His power and be a blessing as He has blessed me.
    Open ears and open heart listening for His voice leading on my journey of joy for the joy of the Lord God is my strength today and everyday in 2019.

    I saw rain drops on my window, joy is like the rain
    Laughter runs across my pane, slips away and comes again
    Joy is like the rain

    I saw clouds upon a mountain, joy is like a cloud
    Sometimes silver, sometimes gray, always sun not far away
    Joy is like a cloud

    I saw Christ in wind and thunder, joy is tried by storm
    Christ asleep within my boat, whipped by wind, yet still afloat
    Joy is tried by storm

    I saw rain drops on a river, Joy is like the rain
    Bit by bit the river grows, till all at once it overflows
    Joy is like the rain

  2. I am being told to come back into his word to fight the next stage in recovery and he will build me a safe life.

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