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THE STORY OF JESUS: Acts 13:49-52
“The word of the Lord spread through the whole region.” (Acts 13:49)
How well do you know the word of the Lord?
If you are like most christians, you think I mean the bible.
But you can know the bible inside out, and not know the word of the Lord.
For the word of the Lord is the message of good news about Jesus.
It was not the bible that was spreading throughout the region.
There were few OT manuscripts available, and no bibles as we know them.
But people were hearing about, and talking about, Jesus!
How well do you know Jesus, and are you spreading news about Him?
You can use the bible to help you talk about Jesus.
But knowing and speaking about Jesus is what matters most.
People need Jesus – not church, not the bible, not your doctrines.
We’ve been spreading too much religion and church, not enough Jesus.
If people knew who Jesus really was, I think more people would accept Him.
There would be more joy and Holy Spirit if Jesus was our message (13:52).
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, knowing You gives me a sense of love and joy and peace that helps me navigate life with faith, hope and love. Help me spread the word, that others may share in this joy!

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