Listen for the voice of our Discipler!

“You will say, “How I hated discipline! How my heart spurned correction!” (Proverbs 5:12)
Wisdom is constantly calling us to stop and think, and to stay away from trouble.
Since the words here are written to a young man, the ‘trouble’ is sexual temptation.
But the tempting trouble can be anything; Satan will use whatever he can to bring us down.
What is the ‘tempting trouble’ that you struggle with, that hinders or holds you back?
If you know what it is, you also know the power of its pull on you.
The struggle in your head to stop, the strain of resisting, the desire to give in.
In that moment – if you pay attention – you will hear the voice of discipline.
Not the voice of punishment (how we think of discipline), but of our Discipler.
The Lord is our Discipler, our trainer, urging us to say NO to sin and YES to wisdom.
This is what the Spirit of Jesus is doing in us all the time, if we pay attention.
The warning here is not to refuse to listen, or we will regret it one day.
Don’t ignore our Discipler, He is protecting you from sin and Satan’s lies.
Sadly for lack of Jesus as Discipler, many are led astray by their great folly.
As a Jesus follower, I choose to listen to Jesus, and not spurn His correction!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I say this now, but when that temptation smooth as oil and dripping with honey sets in, I lose my resolve. Help me to pay attention to Your Voice of discipline while I can, before I regret it.

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