Jesus picks me too!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Mark 3:13-19
“Jesus called to him those He wanted.” (Mark 3:13)
Do you remember picking teams as a kid?
I never got to be the one picking, and was usually one of the last picked.
As captain, Jesus makes some odd picks, at least from a human viewpoint.
Peter the big mouth, James and John the ‘Sons of Thunder’, Thomas the doubter?
Judas the money-lover, Matthew the traitor, Simon the fanatical extremist?
These last two must have made Jesus’ journeys interesting.
Matthew was the kind of guy Simon the Zealot would want to kill.
As Jesus manages their differences, we get a sense of how the church works.
Often individual churches are made up of like-minded people (not always).
But imagine what it will be like when all christians stand together one day.
Yes, we can imagine it, because Jesus levels us all, humbles us all.
We’re all quirky misfits in a way, and yet Jesus wants us… Jesus picks me too.
I like Jesus’s team, there is room for everyone!
Now if only WE could start making room for everyone too.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, help me to see my church community as the people You have chosen to be on Your team with me.

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