Holding on!

“If the Lord had not been on our side, they would have swallowed us alive.” (Psalm 124:1,3)
As a Jesus follower, I look for ways that He is at work in my life.
The fingerprints of God, signs that God and Jesus are nearby.
The psalmist thinks about all the times he was almost defeated, or ruined.
He realizes that his ongoing survival and success are due to God.
I do not make it through life without Jesus’s help.
Even when we suffer – like the psalmist did – this is still true.
God is for us, therefore nothing can separate us from God’s love.
Not even tragedy, sickness, injustice, abuse or death.
Bad things happen, but through them all the Lord remains in charge.
Jesus Himself experienced this on the cross, and He won in the end.
I know of many Jesus followers who have endured their own cross with hope.
They struggled, they doubted, sometimes they even gave up… but God did not.
This is my hope, that God will hang on to me even when I can’t hang on to Him.
“Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124:8)
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I pray especially for those enduring way more hardship than me. Hold them close, and help them to hold on. Please give them something solid to hold on to.

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