Liking… but not listening?

THE STORY OF JESUS: Mark 6:14-29
“Knowing him to be a righteous and holy man.” (Mark 6:20)
Herod was intrigued by John, even if he did not like being challenged by him.
He could sense the goodness in John, and was drawn to how he spoke.
I have heard the same attitude about Jesus from people.
Most people affirm that Jesus was a good (righteous) man, with a good message.
But to listen to what He says is too hard, it challenges our own hearts.
The message of Jesus is both comforting and challenging.
It inspires hope, but it also exposes hypocrisy and selfishness.
He exposes the unhealthy loves, values and behaviours that hold us back.
He asks us to sacrifice things that are not good for us.
As a Jesus follower, I can easily affirm that He is a righteous and holy man.
His message seems right and good to me, and is what our world needs.
But I also admit that He says hard things to me, things I don’t want to deal with.
I don’t want to be a ‘fair weather’ follower like Herod, liking but not listening.
Where is Jesus challenging something in my life, and how am I responding?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, Your message is not just to make me feel better; You challenge me to help me, to set me free from the things that are hurting me. I want listen to You Voice, not shut it down!

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