A heart at peace gives life!

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” (Proverbs 14:30)
Today there were many proverbs I wanted to reflect on.
What struck me about this one is that it seems to speak to a deeper issue.
This proverbs says ‘envy’ rots the bones, but there are many other things too.
Whatever grips our hearts (greed, pride, anger, revenge, lust) does the same.
It is our restless or empty hearts that get us into trouble.
If only our hearts were at peace, we could enjoy life.
Our heart issues even affect our health, and can shorten our lives.
I can relate to this restless heart syndrome.
There are times when I just can’t relax, yet nothing seems to calm me.
At these times, prayer and bible reading do not always help.
Sometimes it takes the discipline of just sitting still, despite the angst.
Breathing deep, exhaling my restless spirit, inhaling God’s life-giving Spirit.
Refusing the ‘envy’ (or other desire) that I reach for for relief.
Hanging on to the Lord for dear life, for that heart at peace in Him.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I have experienced this heart at peace, and while it lasts it is great. Help me to hang on when my restless heart agitates me to look for relief elsewhere.


  1. It is a matter of the heart for the heart gives life.
    And yet while I read and listened to the words spoken, a trinity came to mind – the heart, the head and the hands – these three need to be in sync.
    A oneness.
    A togetherness.
    All on the same page living for Jesus , doing His will.
    Prayerfully walking in His SonShine
    Serving Him always.
    Happiness is . . . living for Jesus.

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