Love shines through!

“The kingdom of God has come with power.” (Mark 9:1)
The disciples were eager to see the kingdom of God come with power.
This is why Peter was so adamant that Jesus the Messiah would not die.
But Jesus challenges the way they think about the kingdom of God.
It is not military or political power but God-like goodness overcoming evil.
What the disciples saw here was not the divine nature of Jesus peeking out.
It was the human nature of Adam and Eve before sin, glowing with God’s smile.
The kingdom of God is this world under God-like humans, shining with God’s love.
Jesus’ life of loving God and others is the fulfillment of the Law.
To be like God, this is the power of God’s kingdom at work.
Jesus has defeated Satan with humble, God-like love.
He has rescued us through humble, God-like love.
And He has restored us for humble, God-like love.
The kingdom of God is still coming with power, when we join Jesus in love.
We too will shine with God’s glory and favour when we offer ourselves in love.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, help me not only to see You in Your glory here, but help me also to see myself in this glory, as I shine with God’s love in a sin-messed, selfish world.

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