God’s sanctuary in me!

“This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will sit enthroned.” (Psalm 132:14)
For the Jews before Jesus, the temple was their symbol of hope.
It reminded them of God’s commitment to them – He lived among them.
It reminded them of their glorious past, and David their great ancestor.
Since Jesus’ time, the temple has been replaced.
Jesus Himself is the temple among us – God living with us.
But more than that, we are the temples of God – God living in us.
“You yourselves are God’s temple and God’s Spirit dwells in your midst!” (1 Corinthians 3:16)
As Jesus followers, we pray to God in Jesus’ Name (the Son of David).
We turn to the one within us for mercy, help, strength and support.
We do not need to go anywhere, we can pray in the temple of our heart!
If you do not experience God within you, make this your main desire.
Allow no sleep to your eyes until you find this place for the Lord.
Jesus promises that He and the Father “will come and make our home with them.” (John 14:23)
Are you allowing Jesus and the Father to “sit enthroned” in your heart?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, what an amazing thought, that my heart is the throne room of the God of the Universe, and that my head is adorned with a “radiant crown”. Help me to live accordingly!

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  1. God had a special place for His people – a dwelling place – physical place to show that He lived among them. That presence was shown in times past with the pillar of fire by night or the cloud by day, or by His presence on the mount that the people were afraid to approach.
    He came to earth at ‘Christmas time’ and we celebrate that every day because Emmanuel – God with us. He is – but not in a physical place. He is – everywhere. And He resides deep within my heart, leading me andd guiding me in the way I should go.

    I am never on my own
    When I’m walking down the street
    I am never on my own
    When there’s no-one to meet me
    Even when I feel alone
    He’s all around me
    My God, My God is everywhere

    My God, my God is everywhere
    I look up, I look down
    I look round and round and round
    My God, my God is everywhere
    I can’t see but I know
    He is real and He’s alive
    My God, My God is everywhere

    I will sing a quiet song
    When I’m sitting on my own
    I will speak out loud to Him
    Cos I know He is listening
    Even when I’m lost for words
    He knows just what I feel
    My God, my God is everywhere

    He’ll never turn His back on me
    He’ll never turn His back on me

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