Like Jesus?

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)
When I look at this list of ‘blessed’s, most of these I can say ‘like Jesus’.
Jesus did mourn or grieve over the burden and bondage of sinners (Luke 19:41-44).
Jesus was meek, hungered and thirsted (longed) for righteousness.
Jesus was merciful, pure in heart, a peacemaker, and was persecuted.
But was Jesus ‘poor in spirit’?
Jesus was not spiritually poor, but He was poor (Luke 6:20, Luke 9:58).
He had none of the ‘things’ we look to for hope, strength, comfort, blessing.
He knew where His riches were, not in Himself but in God… rich in God!
How can I become ‘poor in spirit’, not trapped by the deceitfulness of wealth?
How can I be content, and find joy not in stuff but in the Lord?
How can I be free to sell/give away my stuff to those in need, because I am rich in God?
Am I living for the blessings of this world, or the blessing of the kingdom of God?
The Spirit uses this list to probe my heart; am I like Jesus in these ways?
Or am I like their opposites (see Luke 6:24-26), reflecting the spirit of the world?
Lord, if the way to blessing includes being poor in spirit, and mourning, help me to experience these in a healthy way (like You), so that I can experience their blessing too.


  1. O Lord thank you for calling and choosing me. Help me to empty my spirit so that the Holy Spirit can fill it. O Holy Spirit guide and help me to live daily what one song says, “I’d rather have Jesus than anything.” In Jesus name I ask this. Amen

  2. The way of Jesus is the way of discipleship – following Jesus’ way of living, acting, doing, of being – letting my own drive by molded by the drive to humbly serve, to submit, to seek what’s right, to stand up for the those treated unjustly, to give to those who have need – physically and my time and effort. Like Jesus gave his life in service, in love – his example and his enabling spirit – enables mine – then I find that when I may appear to be weak – I’m really strong!

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