How will He work today?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3)
According to Ben Franklin, only death and taxes are certain in this life.
I would add one more thing… God.
And this one certainty opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.
David is reflecting on evil and wickedness, but he is not despairing.
Because he believes in God, David goes into his day with expectancy.
How do you go into your day – in hope or defeat?
I feel for people who do not have this hope, who can ONLY count on death and taxes.
If there is no God, then life is meaningless, and hope is an illusion.
Is it any wonder that so many people despair of life altogether… without God or hope?
God doesn’t give us everything we want, but He does promise us a good ending.
Like a good novel; you know it ends well, but you don’t know how it gets there.
You enter every page, waiting in expectation, to see how the plot will unfold.
Lay your life before the Lord at the beginning of each day.
Then wait and see with anticipation for how He will work things out today.
Lord, I choose to go into each day waiting to see Your hand a work. Things can get pretty dark down here, but I am certain I will see glimpses of light to strengthen my hope. I wait in expectation!


  1. Start each day and end each day in His presence -talking/praying to God – for it is in His SonShine I journey each day. Not only do I pray for His presence in the activities of my day but also for others. May all who take refuge in Him feel ad sense that He is the wind beneath their wings. He enables.
    Prayerfully I continue in my journey of joy for the joy of the Lord God is my strength.

    Father, I adore You
    Lay my life before You
    How I love You
    Jesus, I adore You
    Lay my life before You
    How I love You
    Spirit, I adore You
    Lay my life before You
    How I love You

  2. In times of difficulty or anxious about the day’s agenda – I find myself more diligent in prayer and meditation – asking for God to help me and bear me up. But, each day I should start with that beginning – that I may walk the day with my Lord – and as I do the day is better and I am more confident – not in myself but in that the Lord guides me: “Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness…” I know when I do, I’ve found the Lord is faithful! How can I help others to find this relationship?

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