Jesus’s concern for the victims


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Makes her the victim of adultery.” (Matthew 5:31)
In Jesus’ day, divorce was a one-sided matter, only men divorced their wives.
They used Moses as an excuse (Deuteronomy 24:1-4), with no regard for their wives.
In that society divorced or widowed women were often poor and needy.
Jesus is primarily denouncing the men here, not the wives who were the victims.
Ever since the curse of Genesis 3, women (and children) have been treated poorly.
“Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” (Genesis 3:16)
This is not how it is supposed to be, this is the the result of sin!
Jesus is not giving legal definitions for when divorce or remarriage is permitted.
He is denouncing ‘disposable marriages’ and the damage they cause to others.
In my pastoral work, marriage and family issues are often behind many concerns.
Mental health, poverty, relational problems, anger, abuse, suicide…
Today marriage and family breakdown are more complicated, but just as damaging.
As Jesus followers we need to share His concern for the victims.
Instead of judging them, we need to show them hope, and offer them help.
Lord, how much misery we bring into the world because of broken marriages and families. Thank You for standing with and speaking for the victims!


  1. Lord forgive me for judging and looking down on couples who divorced. Strengthen and give me wisdom o Holy Spirit to show them hope and help them.

  2. Faithfulness.
    Broken marriages are broken promises and broken faith in one another.
    As Christ has shown with the bride and groom symbols of total trust and happiness and joy, so I too need need to be faithful as do all those who marry.
    I need to be faithful in all my relationships including my relationship to my God and Saviour.

    Faith is believing, the promise is true,
    Trusting in Jesus your strength to renew;
    Resting so sweetly, secure on His word,
    Shielded from danger with Jesus the Lord.

    Faith is believing, simply receiving
    What in His promise God has revealed;
    Trust Him forever, doubt Him, no, never,
    Till thy petition His Spirit hath sealed.

    Faith is believing, why longer remain
    Under the bondage of Satan’s domain?
    See, though all blood-stained, the banner unfurled—
    Faith is the victory that conquers the world.

    Faith is believing, the soul’s happy rest,
    Faith is believing, though sorely oppressed;
    Singing in triumph whatever assail,
    High on the mountains or low in the vale.

    Faith is believing, then doubt Him no more,
    Sell all your sorrows, your troubles give o’er;
    Soar in the sunlight above every cloud,
    Triumph forever, believing in God.

  3. It makes me realize that when it comes to breaking or side-stepping any commitments and promises that I make – it has serious consequences especially for those affected: the victims. First of all – my reason for doing so – needs to be justified – not just on the whim of my desire or my convenience; secondly it must be handled fairly and with genuine consideration/compensation for those affected. I look back at times when I walked out of a commitment by not showing up anymore and by neglect – I was being totally unfair to the people affected. I regret that and have asked God to forgive me!

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