The God that sticks with us!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“God… who has been with me wherever I have gone.” (Genesis 35:3)
If we look at Israel’s story, we encounter many sad, disturbing scenes.
If we look at the church’s story, we see the same things.
If we look at our own life stories, we see the same things.
But this is what GRACE is all about, and why I keep hanging on despite my failures.
What stands out in this story is God’s gracious purpose despite human weakness.
Yes we struggle, but not without hope; yes we fail, but not without mercy.
No matter where we go, or how far we go, God graciously sticks with us.
As Christians, we ought to be the most humble people in the world.
As Christians who have been graced beyond belief, we ought to be the most gracious of all.
As Jesus followers, we have been sent to the nations to make followers of Jesus.
A follower of Jesus is not a perfect or better person, but someone who admits their sin.
We are painfully aware of our own selfishness and hypocrisy, yet we have hope.
We have God-fidence, not self-confidence, because of His mercy and kindness to us.
This motivates us to show mercy to the nations, so they can join God’s royal family too.
Lord, these chapters remind me that even when we lose our way, You stick with us to help find our way back. This is my story too, my God-fidence!

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  1. I’m thinking of the dark and cloudy days that I’ve walked on my own – not in the light – but self directing in my own wisdom – seeing the parallel with Jacob and his family – seeing that happen with the church throughout the ages – and present as well. Yet the patience and grace of God – working in spite of the neglect of his people – how I neglect Him – yet how He receives me time and time again! God is faithful. Also amazed how Ezau’s family grew – and how his ancestors became the problem so many years later when Israel came out of Egypt! We live among those who do not follow Jesus – that is where we are called to be a blessing!

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