With Jesus in the boat!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” (Matthew 8:27)
The disciples have heard Jesus speaking about God’s restored kingdom.
They have hearing Him speaking with authority, even over the Law (Matthew 7:28-29).
They have seen Him commanding demons to leave, and healing the sick.
Obviously, Jesus is a very different kind of man!
If Jesus is the promised ‘Son of Man’ (Genesis 3:15), then He is our kind of man.
He is like us, or rather like Adam and Eve were created to be: like God, very good.
And most importantly, given authority over creation (Genesis 1:26-28).
Filled with the Spirit (breath/wind) of God (Genesis 2:7), He has authority over the wind.
Like the Spirit, He can ‘hover over the waters, the surface of the deep’ (Genesis 1:1-2).
Jesus is what we were made to be, and what we will one day be again.
Jesus is restoring God’s very good kingdom, where evil and death will be defeated.
In this life we still deal with ‘the wind and the waves’, but we do not face it alone.
We are with Jesus, and Jesus is with us, and we can rest in Him through the storm.
Storms will still come, but with Jesus in the boat we know that we will overcome!
Lord, the wind and the waves still threaten to sink me. But I choose to stay close to and rest in You, for I know the wind and the waves submit to You!


  1. “With Christ in my vessel I can smile through the storm …” Lord I confess that walking once again on ice pellet freezing rain and snow with weakening and wobbly legs gave me a scare. Forgive my little faith that I became afraid. Thank you for the reminder that you are my vessel and in my vessel and you’ll never leave nor forsake me. JESUS You are the Perfect Man whom I seek to follow with and through the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells in me.

  2. Once again I am reminded that Christ Jesus is ever present. The disciples were asleep to Christ while He was with them. I need to recognize His presence eah day anew as I live each day for Him especially when adversity strikes. I have the same message today as did the disciples – Why are you afraid? It is I, do not fear.

    Jesus, Savior, pilot me
    Over life’s tempestuous sea;
    Unknown waves before me roll,
    Hiding rock and treach’rous shoal;
    Chart and compass come from Thee;
    Jesus, Savior, pilot me.
    As a mother stills her child,
    Thou canst hush the ocean wild;
    Boist’rous waves obey Thy will
    When Thou say’st to them, “Be still.”
    Wondrous Sov’reign of the sea,
    Jesus, Savior, pilot me.
    Though death’s valley I may pass,
    Still Thy grace will fear surpass;
    In Thy presence I will rest,
    And, while leaning on Thy breast,
    I will hear Thee say to me,
    “Fear not, I will pilot thee.”

  3. First thing I thought of was the hymn, Jesus Saviour, pilot me! Life can take sudden turns – things can go bad in an instant – the storms come up – and can lead to dramatic life changes. I still fear the storms – yet when I look back at the storms I’ve faced – Jesus was my ‘pilot’ – he helped me or navigated for me. Since He was there in my boat in the past and he is now, I need to trust He will be there in the future as well.

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