Still burning!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out.” (Leviticus 6:13)
God wants His people to know the seriousness of sin, and the need for mercy.
As I read it, when wouldn’t I be offering sacrifices like this, for sin and guilt?
But the ONE continuous offering is the fellowship offering, or ‘burnt offering’.
This represents our ongoing fellowship with God despite our sin and guilt.
These sacrifices are NOT intended to keep the people feeling guilty and unworthy.
They show the people that God always forgives and welcomes them to come to Him.
Yes, this is humbling but it also inspires hope for those who feel guilty.
Do we see our fellowship as a constant reality, a fire that does not go out?
Or do we think that every time sin, God rejects us and does not welcome us.
As awful as I find these sacrifices (I couldn’t be a priest), they do give me hope.
Thankfully Jesus ended these sacrifices once for all (Hebrews 9:12).
I still sin, I still have guilt, and I need to humbly admit this.
But when I sin or feel guilty, I come to God with Jesus my sacrifice.
And He welcomes me as His child, for the fire of His love will never go out!
Lord, thank You for Your once-for-all sacrifice, and my once-for-all restoration. May I sense the undying fire of Your love me, and may the fire of my love become more and more like Yours!


  1. Atonement.
    Offerings before the Lord by the priests. Continuous.
    Always in God’s presence.
    But in Christ we/I come into His presence
    for by His sacrifice I am made whole. He see all
    through Him I am forgiven.

    1 Come into God’s presence singing

    2 Come into God’s presence singing
    “Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord.”

    3 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb.”

    4 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Glory to God,
    glory to God,
    glory to God.”

  2. Forgive me Holy Spirit for grieving and quenching you. Lord help me keep the fire of your love burning in my heart and may it spread in different directions like a wildfire under the Spirit’s control.

  3. Whoever sins unintentionally and realizes their guilt – must make a sacrifice as specified. The altar is kept burning – for the cleansing of the people. The cleansing process in me is also continual – as the spirit works on me as a forgiven sinner – made right – atoned for – and now in a process of cleansing! Lord continue to judge and help identify areas needing confession each day!

  4. How often do I reflect not just on the price of my forgiveness, but the ease of it? Jesus, thank you for giving me access to Your Father. Lord help me to keep my fires of offering burning for You, and give me the wisdom to keep oil for when it burns low.

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