Rejoicing in His strength!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“The king rejoices in your strength, Lord.” (Psalms 21:1)
As I read David’s confidence, I wonder about my own confidence in the Lord.
He found hope in the fact that he was God’s anointed servant (‘the king’).
That God was working out His good purpose through his life.
Though I am not ‘the king’, I am a member of the king’s family, and anointed too.
Jesus is the ultimate king, the ultimate anointed one (messiah/christ = anointed).
Though His enemies plotted evil against Him, their schemes did not succeed.
He found His strength in God (v.1), and was exalted in that strength (v.13).
The Lord is reminding me that He was killed so that I might live.
He won the battle against sin, death and hell, so that I might win with Him.
I sense the Lord prompting me to express my confidence in God as well.
We are anointed too by the Spirit, and God is working out His purposes through us.
Our enemy Satan cannot succeed, even if we go through battles and setbacks.
We can find our strength in the Lord, for we will be exalted too!
Our world belongs to God, and so do I; nothing can succeed against Him or us!
Lord, I will say it, even if I do not even feel it. I will rejoice in Your strength, for I will be exalted in Your strength!

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  1. In His strength I stand – there is no other. On my own I am anxious – but with the HS I was and am able to do what God calls me to do! What could I do without Jesus? Live in fear and unable to face anything!

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