PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 12:43-45

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Seven other spirits more wicked than itself…” (Matthew 12:45)
I don’t know exactly what evil spirits are, but I know what they do.
Their primary power is deception, negative voices that whisper their lies.
Here Jesus is describing how deception increases, and bondage magnifies.
The Enemy does not quit when we start getting our lives in order.
It just comes from a different angle, and with more deceptive power.
The religious leaders had ‘cleaned up’ their lives, and yet somehow they were worse.
The deceptive voices found other ways in, making them worse (as religious oppressors).
“It finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order.” (Matthew 12:44)
No matter how we put our lives in order, as long as our heart is empty, we’re at risk.
Our hearts were not meant to be unoccupied; God was supposed to live there.
Without God at the center, other spirits will make themselves at home.
We cannot reclaim our hearts and minds and lives alone, by self-help or religion.
As long as God does not live within us, welcome and at home, something else will.
Living in fellowship with God and Jesus is the key to freedom and fulfilled living.
Lord, the only spirit I want living in me is Your Spirit!


  1. A clean sweep for . . . who will be there? The Bible is full of clan sweeps, new beginnings, but Christ needs to be there. He needs to be the ‘visitor’ there. The ‘old’ is gone and the new has taken hold. God resides within my house and is at its very core – living for Jesus. That way is the only way to live for He is the Master there.

    I don’t know where you lay your head
    Or where you call your home
    I don’t know where you eat your meals
    Or where you talk on the phone
    I don’t know if you got a cook
    A butler or a maid
    I don’t know if you got a yard
    With a hammock in the shade
    I don’t know if you got some shelter
    Say a place to hide
    I don’t know if you live with friends
    In whom you can confide
    I don’t know if you got a family
    Say a mom or dad
    I don’t know if you feel love at all
    But I bet you wish you had
    Come and go with me
    To my Father’s house
    Come and go with me
    To my Father’s house
    It’s a big big house
    With lots and lots a room
    A big big table
    With lots and lots of food
    A big big yard
    Where we can play football
    A big big house
    Its my Father’s house

  2. Lord Jesus, fill me with Your words of Truth; surround me with Your hedge of protection; protect me from the evil one; in Your name, I pray.

  3. When I’m released from sin and free – I am vulnerable if I don’t have my defenses up. Temptations and evil thoughts don’t have to compete with each other if I am swept clean – BUT if I don’t have any defenses up temptations and evil thoughts could come to harass in larger numbers – hitting me hard! It is the storm after the quiet calm that one has to on guard for. When I’ve had ‘spiritual highs’ that the vulnerable aftermath comes. I need Jesus in me- I cannot be empty – He protects me – to keep the guard up to my soul. Knowing this I am better prepared – but still I’m vulnerable if I’m left on my own. I need to keep my eyes on Jesus.

  4. I’m reminded that as vessels that are set apart, we must fill ourselves with the Spirit and not remain empty, even after battling our demons. Our demons are persistent and we’re likely to sin, Lord fill us with Your grace and Spirit.

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