Good soil?

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 13:18-23

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Good soil… hears the word and understands it… produces a crop.” (Matthew 13:23)
The point of planting seeds is to produce a crop.
Jesus explains what God’s desire is for all of us.
Jesus Himself, and His message, that is planted (buried).
Jesus gives His life, so that we might receive His life, and live it.
Jesus often explains that the crop God desires is goodness, love, mercy, justice.
Also known as the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)
But in order to produce a good crop, we need to be good soil.
That is, the kind of soil that hears, understands and produces.
So many people Sunday after Sunday hear the message, but do they understand it?
That is, is it making a fruit difference, is the seed growing into changed living?
We have “everything we need” to produce a crop – in the seed, in Jesus, in the Spirit.
All this has been freely offered by grace, ours for the embracing and experiencing.
The lack of a crop is not because of deficiency in the seed.
Are our hearts good soil, are we embracing Jesus and His message actively?
Lord, I don’t know everything, and what I do know I know imperfectly. But I know enough to put it into practice. Help me to stop just thinking, and start living the good news!


  1. Lord Jesus, protect me from the evil one so that I can understand Your word. Help me to receive Your word with joy and may it take root deeply so that the trials and persecutions that will come with it will not cause me to fall away. Open my heart so that the cares of the world and the deceptions of riches will not choke out Your word. Create in me a heart and mind that welcomes Your word and understands it. May I then bear fruit that is for Your glory and pleases You.

  2. Good fruit.
    Many a time Jesus tells us of the good fruit I need to produce such as the fruit of the Spirit. This is only a possibility if my heart is open to His Word. I must remain receptive, teachable and eager to learn His Word.
    Help me to be fruitful serving You Lord.

    Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path
    Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path
    Verse 1
    When I feel afraid
    And I think I’ve lost my way
    Still You’re there right beside me
    Nothing will I fear
    As long as You are near
    Please be near me to the end
    Verse 2
    I will not forget
    Your love for me and yet
    My heart forever is wandering
    Jesus be my guide
    And hold me to Your side
    I will love You to the end

  3. Thinking about what kind of soil am I rooted in? I believe I’m in good soil but I must have thorns near by that restrict and limit me from time to time to being as fruitful as I could be. I know that in Jesus name these thorns are broken. May the cares and concerns of life not limit me from serving you O Lord!

  4. I’m reminded that sometimes I harden myself like rocky ground. Sometimes I’ve softened but my roots are shallow and cannot weather what comes. Sometimes I allow thorns to choke the seed that I should be cultivating and focus on the trappings of this world.

    I am reminded that You have made good soil out of me, that you continue to sow in me despite my failings. If I wish to sow well, first I must be as the fertile soil.

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