When grief leads to Jesus


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“John’s disciples took his body and buried it. Then they went and told Jesus.” (Matthew 14:12)
John’s disciples were training to be like him… and then he dies.
With no resurrection that follows, their hopes are dashed; where do they turn?
They went to Jesus, implying that they redirected their hope to Him.
When Jesus died, these disciples would have grieved all over again.
But this time Jesus is resurrected and their hope restored.
In this world we will face suffering and death.
Those we love, lean on, hope in, etc. will all meet the same fate.
But we can go to Jesus too, and find a hope that cannot die.
Suffering and death are not the last word; Jesus is!
For those who suffer, or are persecuted for their faith, there is always Jesus.
He is alive, and not dead, and He is our guarantee that nothing can separate us from God.
John’s death was tragic, as has been the death of many of God’s servants.
Are you struggling, suffering, grieving, despairing – go and tell Jesus.
Your struggle is real, but Jesus is real too; He guarantees life beyond the tears!
Lord, I pray especially today for those who are struggling or suffering. Don’t wait for them to come to You; go to them and give them strengthen, hope in peace that they are secure in Your love!


  1. “The king was sorry, but because of his oaths and his guests he commanded it to be given.”
    This passage is heart-breaking! In order to save face and keep his word, the king followed through in killing John the Baptist.
    Lord Jesus, help me to do what is right. Keep me from falling prey to my pride. In your name, alone.

  2. Pride, the desire for popularity, hatred for the truth, the show of power, and the enticement by way of the dance of beautiful young woman – Herod might be King but he was actually being led by sin – that culminated in the murder of an innocent man. As I write I see a similar pattern – except for the hatred for the truth – King David when confronted by Nathan the prophet – humbled himself and realized what he had done in getting Uriah killed. Herod continued his self destructing path. I do need to see patterns in my life where pride, the need for being accepted by others. and the enticement of sensuality – does not lead me but needs to be mastered by the name of Jesus – Holy Spirit continue to be a ‘John-the-Baptist’ – a ‘Nathan’ for me. Lead me to Jesus!

  3. This passage is brutally descriptive – at a whim his life was ended, and I can’t imagine how much Jesus mourned for him. And yet, just in the next passage, Jesus had compassion on the sick that came and healed them despite his grief. Lord please help me be more generous when I feel like I’m suffering like Jesus was.

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