See what God can do!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 14:13-21

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“You give them something to eat.” (Matthew 14:16)
I sit with someone in financial crisis, they tell me about all their unpaid bills.
And I hear a voice in my heart say, ‘you help them, you give them something!’
Justifications flash through my mind, excuses for not doing something.
‘I only have here 5 toonies and 2 loonies, it is not enough!’
What strikes me in this story is how relaxed Jesus is with ‘not enough’.
He thanks God for what God provides, and doesn’t focus on the lack.
He remembers what we often forget; God is there to back us up!
God can multiply our limited resources with His infinite resources.
But we have to be willing to do what we can, even if it seems inadequate.
Too often I leave such situations overwhelmed and defeated.
Why not do something, anything, and offer it to God with faith, hope and love.
Wait and see how God will ‘satisfy’ their needs in ways we can’t imagine.
Today if you meet a situation to which the Lord says, ‘you do something…’
Offer what you can, no matter how small, with thanks to God, and see what He can do!
Lord, thank You for patiently using me, and stretching me little by little into Your trusting friend and partner with God.


  1. Lord Jesus, sometimes I may look at situations and think they are impossible to change. Help me to fix my eyes on You because with You all things are possible. Help me to join You in the work and trust that You will bring transformation.

  2. You give them something to eat! Can we? I’ve looked into the face of hungry people – and asked how can we? By sharing what we have. A small boys lunch goes a long way by Jesus’ blessing. Sometimes I wonder what my small monetary gift to someone asking for a handout on the street does? Once it is given it is up to the receiver. All those people that Jesus fed by word and lunch received from His hand – like seed falling on the ‘soil [souls]’ of those present. So I too need to be busy sharing.- not excusing myself – the harvest is the Lord’s – I must be faithful in sharing the ‘seed/word’.

  3. I am reminded that whether a mountain is insurmountable or not is not my call. All things are possible through the Lord, my job is to give thanks and break bread. Lord thank you for the opportunity feed thousands with the little that we have today.

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