Am I a grace conductor?

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 14:34-36

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“People begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak.” (Matthew 14:36)
I think of the woman who touched Jesus’s cloak and was healed (Matthew 9:20-21).
Or how Paul’s handkerchiefs and aprons were used to heal the sick (Acts 19:12).
Our minds go straight to how cloaks, handkerchiefs and aprons can heal people?
But the cloth touched is nothing; we should focus on God’s power at work through them!
Something wonderful passes through these mediums, from God to the desperate.
Like copper, the cloth is just a conductor for the electricity of God’s grace.
God can use anything as a means of grace (even spit to heal a blind person, Mark 8:23).
Jesus is God’s primary means of grace; through Him God’s grace is filling the world.
Jesus uses bread and wine as a means of grace, but also the water of foot washing.
Jesus sends His disciples as means of grace, as channels for God’s love and mercy.
People have been blessed and healed through their contact with Jesus’s disciples.
But it is not the disciples, nor the bread and wine, nor the water that does anything.
We are all conductors of grace; God is the source, and the desperate are the receivers.
Are we being good conductors of grace; are people reaching out to us, and being graced?
Lord, I cannot heal anyone, but I can be used by You to heal others. I offer my words, my hands, my prayers, even my handkerchief and apron; use them to grace others!


  1. I pray that I may be able to be a blessing to all whose lives I might intersect with today! Help me Lord to be the type of person that invites others – not standoffish or arrogant. May I offer words and actions that bless – like Jesus -and invites others to want to know more about Him!

  2. I am reminded that I only need to reach out to the fringe of the Lord’s garment in order to be healed. Thank you for being so available to even those that feel out of reach.

  3. Lord Jesus by faith I reaching out to your cloak to ne healed of Diabetes and high blood pressure without prescription drugs. Bless me with your healing touch and spiritual gift of healing to be a channel of your grace and healing to all

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