Sinful attitudes exposed

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 15:21-28

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” (Matthew 15:26)
I find what Jesus says troubling, calling this woman and her daughter ‘dogs’.
But I wonder if we are not getting the whole story here.
Then as now, Canaanites and Jews didn’t get alone; they likely called each other ‘dogs’.
I suspect Jesus is turning her own thoughts and words against her, to convict her.
Her response shows that she is humbled, she realizes her sin and misery and need.
We must all reach this point of humility, and come to Him on our knees in honesty.
Jesus wants to help us – and all people – but He can’t when we’re so full of ourselves.
He will expose our arrogance, our self-confidence, our judgmental spirits.
He will show us how our attitudes towards God and others hinder us and hurt others.
His rebuke may seem sharp, but He knows our hearts, and He wants to help us.
Where do I need to admit unhealthy and unholy attitudes and desires?
Where do I think or act as if I am better than others?
Where do I demean others with my criticisms or even name calling?
Jesus can’t help us until we are emptied of self, and ready to admit our need for mercy.
Lord, show me where I am judgmental, critical, arrogant, full of myself. May I be humbled, that I may receive Your mercy!

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  1. God is holy! I am not. Like the prophet – I am but a worm or in this passage just a ‘crumb’ – I don’t deserve God’s grace because I am a sinner – if not my actions, my thoughts betray me – how can I be pure and righteous before Him. Like this Canaanite Woman – I need to have faith in Jesus. The disciples and I also need to learn that as believers we are to be a blessing to all people – even those who hate us and are ready to destroy us. May I have the faith in Jesus to stand strong and bear witness to the hope I have in Him.

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