God’s colourful family

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 15:29-31

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“And they praised the God of Israel.” (Matthew 15:31)
I once heard our neighbors voicing concern about minorities moving into the area.
We were shocked by their bluntness, and that they would say this to us!?!
These were not christians, but at least one knew that we are.
These kinds of attitudes are so sad, and do not express God’s heart.
Jesus is in the region of Tyre and Sidon (v.21), among non-Jews.
If Jesus sounds racist at first (15:26), here we see He is not.
He is in this non-Jewish area, among other races, freely healing and blessing all.
And the nations are praising the God of Israel, just as the Psalmist said (Psalm 117:1).
God’s family includes people from all nations, all races (Revelation 7:9).
God family does not just consist of Jews, nor just those we see as ‘Christians’.
Any or all who humbly receive God’s grace in Christ will be welcome.
I am convinced that we will be surprised by the great crowd around Jesus on judgment day.
God’s family will include those that we considered ‘minorities’ or ‘outsiders’.
In God’s neighbourhood, those who are not welcome by humans will be embraced by Jesus.
Lord, thank You that You welcome all people into Your home. Forgive us for not being like You, and help us to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of Your family.


  1. Jesus healed the mute, blind, lame and sick and people were amazed. Lord Jesus, help me to trust in You, to have deep faith in what You will do and to praise You for it.

  2. Jesus responded to needs! Yesterday, with the deacons help – we were able to respond to a need presented to us. It is our prayer that our help may invite the person helped back into the fellowship of God’s people. Our passage says that the people praised the God of Israel – there must have been ‘outsiders’ who also were blessed’ by Jesus ministry. May all that we do cause people to give praise to God – especially those who do not know Him or those who have negative feelings and hurts because of things that happened in the past in relation to the institutional church!

  3. I am reminded that many in the crowds gathered their sick and hurting to be healed well before they saw any miracles! Lord strengthen my faith so that I would be content not to see your plan.

  4. Lord Jesus forgive my indifference when confronted with insurmountable problem caused by people’s negligence. Help me to see their situation from your eyes. Gift me O Holy Spirit with compassion to understand their true needs and help them meet their needs so that all praise and glory will be brought to you Lord

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