(Do) I have compassion!?

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 15:32-39

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“I have compassion for these people.” (Matthew 15:32)
Jesus is not among Jews, but touring along the northern shore of Galilee (v.29).
Once again we see Jesus compassion for ALL people, not just a select few.
Jesus’ followers ought to be characterized by the same kind of compassion.
How many Christians are in our community, do we show this kind of compassion?
Maybe the need is not hunger, but what are the needs around us?
So what if they are not our ‘people’… they are God’s people!
Wherever there is sin, there is need, and if we opened our eyes we would see it.
We can’t address every need, but we can do something.
If every Jesus follower in our community did something, it would be amazing.
God multiplies the compassion of His servants, and expands the impact of their deeds.
God has so much to offer, but He needs compassionate hearts to share it through.
Jesus came to show us, but also to restore us through His victory over sin and Satan.
We now have the Spirit, freely given by grace, ready to overflow through us.
But the first thing we need is to say with sincerity, ‘I have compassion for these people.’
Lord, I see the needs around me: widows, seniors, single parents, those with financial struggles, mental health issues, marriage and family breakdown, addiction… may Your compassion flow through me!


  1. Jesus saw a people hungry – hungry for his teaching and physically hungry – he did not see the people as a ‘problem’ that needed solving – rather he saw people hungry for the truth to the point that they were fasting. I hate to say it, but I’ve passed by hungry people – usually with some excuse – whether legitimate or not – I don’t know. I’m learning that I need worry about that. I’m sure some of the people Jesus fed didn’t change even though they heard his words and ate his lunch. Lord help me to be compassionate!

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