Neon Jesus


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“(No sign) will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” (Matthew 16:4)
The sign of Jonah, how Jonah survived the ‘depths’ to shine for God in Nineveh.
Jonah witnessed for God in the corrupt capitol of Assyria, and they repented.
No magic show, no spectacular or powerful signs, just a humble witness to the truth.
If people want proof, let them be convinced by how we live, not by how we argue or impress.
Jesus was like a neon sign, shining with God’s love and mercy and hope.
The religious leaders didn’t see it in Jesus because they preferred their darkness.
I feel deeply that Jesus, and the Jesus Way, is the only hope of the world.
Not religion, not christianity, not church, but Jesus and the Jesus Way.
Not politics, not science, not business, but Jesus and the Jesus Way.
Skeptics demand proof for our beliefs, but like Jesus we do not need to ‘prove’ it.
Instead, like Jesus, we need to show it by how we live, and love, and lead in the world.
As Jesus-followers, we are to shine as neon signs of faith, hope, love, joy, peace, mercy.
As our world spirals out of control, we are to glow for Jesus and the Jesus Way.
As neon signs for all to see, shining with God’s love and mercy and hope.
Lord, help me to see the power of love, that deeds of mercy and kindness not only serve as signs pointing to You, but through them You are changing the world!


  1. I find that I have a need for affirmation – that is I have doubts. This passage says look back and look forward just as you look to the sky – look to the scriptures and to the world around you and see the signs. We might like to have more direct affirmations – voices etc. like they did – but I remind myself that Jesus says look to the scriptures and see what’s happening and we also have the HS.. Through him I can be a ‘sign’ for others!

  2. Lord Jesus in this world scare of COVID-19/NCOV help that with you in me let me shine like a neon sign of faith, hope, love, joy, and peace.

  3. I am reminded that waiting for a sign before I act or take a step for Jesus is not actively exercising my faith. Lord help convict me so that I do not need to ask for signs to be confident in You.

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