No curse for the victims


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“May this bitter water that brings a curse not harm you.” (Numbers 5:19)
At first I read these words regarding the test for an unfaithful wife negatively.
What about the unfaithful man, and was there no law for unfaithful husbands?
But as I think it through, this ‘test’ was actually beneficial to innocent victims.
Those who were not guilty, whose husbands were being jerks, could trust the water.
It was just water and dust… though it came from God’s presence.
Maybe there was no test for men because the men had the power in that society.
Women belonged to their husbands, and the men determined their life conditions.
These chapters seem to elevate women and wives with the Levites and Nazirites.
Sadly our world has not been fair to or easy on women; many have suffered horribly.
But today’s reading assures me that they will not be cursed when they meet God.
I am reminded of the woman caught in adultery (John 8), or the other women with Jesus.
Though the women of that day had a bitter cup to drink, they were not cursed.
The same is true today; as oppressive and cruel as this world is, Jesus welcomes the victims.
Jesus embraces sinners and prostitutes in the holiest way possible, and does not curse them.
Lord, may all those with position or power who abuse or oppress those under them be humbled; may those who are abused or oppressed be honoured and blessed as your holy, much-loved servants!

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  1. God’s holiness is not something to be casual about. He had standards and tests that the people had to follow. And when they messed up God instituted ways that people could be made right again under God and especially when they are falsely accused. Today, we too must humble ourselves under God’s holiness – we must confess our wrongs and ask for forgiveness through Jesus our mediator and redeemer. God wants to make his face shine and smile on us and be gracious to us. We can expect his blessing through Jesus. He will have compassion especially on the victims!

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