Opinionated ignorance

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 16:21-23

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him.” (Matthew 16:22)
Its not that Peter didn’t hear what Jesus said about dying and rising to life (v.21).
Its that what Jesus said didn’t fit with Peter’s ideas about the Messiah.
Peter’s ‘theology’ (how God works) did not include God’s messiah dying.
Not only was Peter ignorant of God’s will, he was also opinionated about it.
Not even God’s messiah could go against his understanding, so he rebukes Him.
Can you imagine rebuking God’s messiah, to tell Him that He is wrong and you are right?
Actually, I fear many christians will do the same when they meet Jesus.
When Jesus doesn’t fit their ‘theology’, their understanding of orthodoxy.
Will this be me too, am I so convinced I am right that not even Jesus could go against it?
I no longer hold my beliefs as absolutely true; I hold all my beliefs lightly.
I still hold them, but I am prepared to be wrong, and to have Jesus correct me.
This means I need to be very careful when I judge others who disagree with me.
Liberals, conservatives, traditionalists, progressives, revisionists… whatever.
I do not want to find out I was fighting Jesus for Satan by my ignorant confidence.
Lord, thank You for humbling me with my ‘orthodox’ views. Help me to stay humble with my new views, knowing that I am probably still misunderstanding You. Remind me that my hope is Your grace, not my orthodoxy.


  1. There are lots of things to distract me. Lord Jesus, help me to set my mind on Your things and not on things that my mind would want to focus on.

  2. Often like Peter I don’t have the big picture in mind – even as I understand scripture more and more! Yet, I find it hard to understand some of the disasters that happen to people – especially within the family of faith or the persecutions and death of many committed believers. I am comforted in knowing that these things were predicted to happen. This incident with Peter – must have totally re-enforced his boldness after the crucifixion and resurrection – Jesus told him it was going to happen – even as it did not picture his belief of what the Messiah would do! I know things will happen today – and in the context of wherever Jesus puts me – I may bear witness to the eternal and living hope we have in Jesus! Help me to see Jesus!

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