From cradle to cross to crown!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 16:24-28

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Take up their cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24)
The cross represents what Jesus had to do to bless, serve and help sinners be restored.
For Jesus it meant the humility of the cradle and the agony of the cross, to bless others.
Jesus asks us what is worth more: the comfort of caring for myself, or caring for others.
“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves…” (Matthew 16:24)
Are we willing to make sacrifices for God and Jesus, so that others can be helped?
WANTING to be Jesus’s disciple is the focus, to join Him in His mission for the world.
To live and love like Jesus for the sake of others will lead to sacrifice and suffering.
But our focus on following Jesus and saving others keeps us going, even if it gets hard.
Jesus followed a path of humility (cradle), sacrifice (cross) to the reward (crown).
He has entered God’s kingdom glory, and is ruling this world with love and grace.
This was the reward or result of His loving sacrifice – seeing many helped!
His reward can be our reward, the joy of seeing people helped, restored, blessed!
Can we see His kingdom reward, and will we join Him in it even if it means a cross?
Do I really WANT to be His disciple, and am I willing to carry His cross for it?
Lord, You are asking me to join You on this path of humility (cradle) and sacrifice (cross), so that I can share with You and others in its reward (crown). I want to be Your disciple!


  1. Mediocrity, lukewarm, just enough faith to get me to heaven but so I can still have my toys and have it good! Jesus says, NO – you got to be all in – deny those desires that prevent you from being a committed worker in his kingdom. Compromise! I too fear confrontation – I shy away from it and would rather not face the challenge of being a follower of Jesus in every circumstance that He puts me. What I do know is -I need the confidence of the HS guiding me and strengthening me – and providing the words and actions that I need to say and do. Then I can face the day – seeking to be like Jesus and doing his will.

  2. Lord help me empty my hands and create capacity to bear this cross; Lord help me understand that I can’t do that so long as I don’t relinquish control and unclench my hands.

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