What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“I have forgiven them, as you asked. Nevertheless…” (Numbers 14:20?-?21)
Many things struck me in these stories, but especially this one line.
Moses asking for God to forgive the people reminds me of Jesus (Luke 23:34).
God is forgiving them, they wouldn’t be here if He didn’t forgive them.
The same is true for us, God has forgiven us, and continues to be patient with us.
Nevertheless… this is the word that caught my attention.
The people still bear the consequences for their stubborn refusal to trust and follow.
Because they hold back, they miss out; and when they run ahead, the suffer defeat.
They are forgiven and accepted, but they still face consequences for their choices.
God’s grace is fully theirs, but their actions keep them from enjoying it.
How many of us are doing the same thing: not enjoying the grace that is ours.
Doing things the hard way, making bad choices, taking life into our own hands.
Like the father of the prodigal son, he lets us go and allows us to learn the hard way.
The people of Israel got what they asked for, but not what they wanted.
Are there things in my life that are keeping me from enjoying God’s grace?
Lord, may my spirit be like Caleb’s, to follow You wholeheartedly, so that I may experience the blessing of Your grace in my life.

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  1. Sometimes the challenge before me seems too much! I get fearful – yet when I look back I can see how God has helped me through – I just need to remember He is faithful – I need to trust. Caleb and Joshua remembered and believed. And when God answers and helps us through a challenge – I must not forget to bring thanks – in gratitude for His help!

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