Wanting to keep the law


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“I lead a blameless life; deliver me and be merciful to me.” (Psalm 26:11)
I am a law-abiding citizen, I do not flagrantly break the laws of the land.
(Most of the time, I do make rolling stops, and I don’t go the speed limit exactly).
But this doesn’t make me blameless; I remember once being stopped for a ride check.
I was OK, I had no alcohol; but apparently the sticker on my plate was out of date.
I thought I was innocent, but it turns out I was in violation of the law.
David claimed to be a blameless, law-abiding citizen before God; but he was not sinless.
His heart was good, and God knew that… and God sees that in us too.
We are not innocent – sinless – but God can see what our heart’s desire is.
God wants us to be real, to serve Him in spirit (sincerity) and truth (honesty).
I have not led a blameless life, I have not trusted the Lord, I have faltered.
I cannot wash my hands in innocence… but He can, and He does through Jesus!
The Lord doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve; He forgives us when we admit our sin.
The question is, do we hate sin; do we run away from it and find ways to avoid it?
If so, God will help us, He will deliver us from evil, and set our feet on level ground!
Lord, there are sins in my life that I know about, and sins I am unaware of. I hate them all, I want to live before You in an honorable way. I trust You for Your mercy and Your help!

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  1. Vindicate me – I need help because I can’t be justified on my own – I am not blameless – I am a sinner – but through Jesus I am vindicated. Like David – I too desire to be in the presence of God – but know full well I can’t go unless I’m made clean – blameless. Through Jesus I am and he welcomes me! Thank you Jesus – now I want to be in his presence as I live my life for as many days as he gives me!

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