Not just for me, but for all!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 19:25-30

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.” (Matthew 19:29)
Jesus is talking about people who sacrifice themselves for Him and His mission.
But why would anyone sacrifice themselves for Jesus like this?
Think of people like Rosa Parks, refusing to give up their seats on segregated buses.
They took a stand that would cost much, for themselves, their families and others.
They chose justice, equality, love and peace FOR ALL, sacrificing for a greater cause!
THIS is the call of Jesus, to put our comfort on the line for a greater good.
To this Jesus offers the greatest reward – life in God’s kingdom restored!
All people live for a cause; sadly for many that cause is themselves.
Many Christians even follow Jesus for themselves, for their own salvation.
They love ‘my only comfort’ for themselves, but seem little concerned about others.
I’m convinced the heavenly reward will be disappointing to those who love themselves.
God saves us from this; eternity will be loving God and others fully, so all are blessed.
It starts here, experiencing this change of heart now; it starts with loving others now.
Do I think of following Jesus like this, or am I just thinking about how I can be saved?
Lord, forgive me for thinking more of the personal cost or benefits of following You. Open my eyes to see the ‘hundredfold’ blessing of God’s better world restored for all.


  1. There is a reward for hard work – for good performance. Athletes who trained and trained are rewarded with winning. Taking life easy and not actively involved in the kingdom – being mediocre about faith – can I expect a reward? But do I work for reward? I think that’s where the 1st will be last thing comes in. If I do these things for the ‘Kingdom’ thinking that it gives me a better place – then I’m mistaken – and it even irks me to think that. Rather I put my ego aside (it gets in the way sometimes) and let go and let God lead me so that I can follow – even many times fearfully – whether there is a reward or not. To do what’s right and not what is easy or comfortable!

  2. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your gift of eternal life. You were the one to be sacrificed in order to save us. You gave up Yourself so that we could live. Help me to grow in humility, to give myself up for the sake of others, following Your example of love.

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