God’s right to be generous


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money?” (Matthew 20:15)
Does God have the right to be generous?
If I am forgiven few sins, and another is forgiven many, is that fair?
Jesus uses this parable to shock His listeners, to get their attention.
The point – God is more gracious than you realize!
In this story, some workers felt they deserved MORE from God.
Or that others deserved LESS than they did.
Either way, they felt their worth was greater than others.
Jesus’s point is grace is not based on our worthiness, but on God’s generosity.
God IS love, and generosity, compassion, mercy, etc are all a part of that.
I may think of myself as better than others, but I still need God’s grace.
Everyone equally depends on grace, no matter how much they have sinned.
And Jesus makes it clear that there IS grace for me, and for everyone.
God has every right to be generous, and I thank God He is.
His generosity has assured me of more than enough blessing to last eternity!
Lord, thank You for showing me again God’s amazing grace, for me and for all people.


  1. Gracious God, you are incredibly generous! Help me to be content with all that You give me. Keep me from growing envy. Help me to live in humility.

  2. I know I sometimes compare – I kick myself when a thought comes up that is prideful and self-complimenting! Do I think that I deserve better or more than someone else – when I know I have no basis for deserving to be a fully forgiven sinner! I truly am happy for each person who comes to Jesus and is forgiven – no matter how long it took or not. The same joy of knowing that I am forgiven by grace is the joy that each person needs. How dare I think it has to do with the amount of time in service for the Lord? Am I spurning God’s grace? God’s grace has been given to me so that I can be gracious – I have nothing to fear.

  3. Lord help me not grumble about what you’ve given to me! Help me to not compare what I’ve been given base on what others do.

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