Finding refuge with Jesus


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“The accused must stay there until the death of the high priest.” (Numbers 35:25)
In these chapters, everyone is assigned property and a safe place in the land.
This includes murderers (ch.35) and women without male heirs in their families (ch.36).
This was revolutionary in that time: justice for women, and those guilty of crimes.
I am reminded through this how women and sinners were welcomed by Jesus.
The ‘city of refuge’ was a place where someone accused of a serious crime could go.
They could entrust themselves to the ‘high priest’, to get justice from the top.
Once again, I’m reminded of Jesus, our high priest and advocate (Who does not die).
Sinners and outcasts found a place of refuge with Jesus, and He helped them.
The church also needs to like Jesus, a ‘city of refuge’ for sinners and outcasts.
This is not to minimize sin; sin is VERY serious, more serious than all of us realize.
If we understood our sin, we would all be rushing to Jesus for refuge and mercy.
The church is a gathering of sinners, equal in guilt and bondage, equally in need of Jesus.
Jesus, not us, is the Judge, and while He lives, there is hope even for murderers.
What does it look like for the church to be a ‘refuge’ for sinners to find Jesus?
Lord, forgive us for judging others because they sin differently from us. Help us to see that ALL sin is sin, and that ALL of us need You for our refuge, and hope of an eternal inheritance.


  1. Lord Jesus thank you that you are my refuge and strength and an ever present help in times of trouble. I praise you together with the Father because you are the Righteous Judge and nothing is hidden from you nor too hard for you to intervene.
    I seek refuge in you this time of Covid-19 pandemic to give us wisdom to prevent contamination strong immune system to fight the virus when it entered our bodý and to protect the front-line especially our CLAC healthworkees members. May curve be flattened and herd immunity be achieved by April 1. The world calls this day April Fools Day but may it be remembered Covid 19/NCOV deliverance day from this 2020 and onward.

  2. Reading this passage I am reminded how God provided for His people – even for victims (cities of refuge) and for the daughters of Zelophehad. God is righteous and gracious – and that’s how he was for the Old testament covenant – and even more so as evident in the new covenant under Jesus. Thank you for your justice and fairness – that is my God and Saviour – He is my refuge!

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