Taste and see!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8)
Life in this world is hard because of sin and suffering.
David’s life was not easy, and yet he somehow found a way to hope, to rejoice.
Whenever things went sour, he reminded himself of the sweetness of God.
Try it, taste it, and you will see that it is good.
Satan continues to entice us to eat forbidden fruit.
But all the treasures and pleasures of this world without God will make us sick.
They may taste sweet, but they will turn sour.
Following Jesus seems sour at first, but its sweetness increases with time.
We may have to deny ourselves now, but we will be blessed in the long run.
As a Jesus follower, I need to return to God’s table every day.
I need to remind myself of all the blessings that I do experience from Him.
The more we savor the flavor of God’s grace, the more satisfied we will be.
And we will have an easier time convincing others to ‘taste and see’…
If they sense in us that we are feasting on the goodness of God.
Lord, help me to slow down and appreciate every taste of Your goodness. Help me to see these as free samples of the feast that is being prepared!


  1. I watched those episodes of walking with God in the desert, and I can picture where David was writing this Psalm. Like this COVID pandemic it made us realize that we a?l can be hopeless and there is no refuge but God. Everyday we can taste and see that He is gòod and we are blessed because we take refuge in Him alone.
    There are His commands and blessings … fear the Lord — lack nothing; … seek the Lord — lack no good thing.

  2. I’ve been working on writing some of my early experiences living overseas. A traumatic experience came to mind when I hit a little girl running across the street in front of me. At the time I cried out to the Lord “O God why” and then was quickly surrounded by people – she was taken to a nearby doctors office. Though she died much later in the hospital – the Lord took care of me -and the family. The community did not mob or put the blame on me- which so easily happens: if you drive a vehicle and are a foreigner. I cried to the Lord and He protected me. He is a refuge at all times – even in the good times I must not forget – it is He who cares for me.

  3. Thanksgiving, for the Lord God is good.
    Thanksliving each day realizing and seeing and experiencing the goodness of God. Seek Him.
    Every day is a day of the Lord. Walk daily in His presence.
    Talk with God, always.
    God is with me at all times and at all times I need to take refuge in Him. I find my shelter beneath His wings.

    1 God is our strength and refuge,
    our present help in trouble,
    and we therefore will not fear,
    though the earth should change!
    Though mountains shake and tremble,
    though swirling floods are raging,
    God the Lord of hosts is with us evermore!

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