A prayer for the bullied!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Vindicate me in your righteousness; do not let them gloat over me.” (Psalm 35:27)
Have you ever been betrayed by a friend or bullied by your peers?
David feels like garbage, rejected by people he trusted and had been good to.
This psalm is his prayer for vindication, for God to rise up over rejection.
If you cannot relate to what David is saying, try to imagine it.
All over the world people feel this rejection… even those near you.
I know of a same-sex attracted boy who took his life because of his families response.
Sin has really messed up our world, and daily the victims pile up all around.
‘Do something God, do not be silent, rise to their defence!’
Jesus stepped into this mess, He too was betrayed by those who He loved.
But Satan did not crush His spirit, He overcame him with goodness and love.
Jesus is our vindication, He will lift us up from rejection and oppression.
Without God and Jesus, there is no assurance of things being made right.
God is bigger than rejection; Jesus is bigger than oppression; love triumphs over hate!
Let the bullied be hopeful, and the bullies be humbled: God will set things right!
Lord, strengthen the bullied with hope and courage. Silence the bullies, make them face the ugliness of their behaviour so that can come to their senses and stop!


  1. I can think of instances in the past that relate somewhat to the Psalmist – when I was a victim, when I was unfairly treated – bullied – humiliated. I did my best, growing up in a village, to avoid those who who tease and bullied us – as an immigrant family. Yet I remember incidences of conflict – when I had my spokes kicked in – or the newspapers I was to deliver, damaged. Thankfully, each time members of the public saw what was happening and rescued me. In the face of things going against us, in the face of erosion of Christian values/principles, and those close to me who show no conviction of faith – I feel sad – yet I pray for them – their salvation – not seeking revenge or even justice.

  2. My focus in life must be on praising God and worshiping Him. I need to live for Jesus. I need to take the high road and God will take care of me. He will take care of my enemies. My focus must be on doing what is good, giving Him the praise. Prayerfully I continue to live each day for Him.

    Be not dismayed whate’er betide,
    God will take care of you;
    Beneath His wings of love abide,
    God will take care of you.
    God will take care of you,
    Through every day, o’er all the way;
    He will take care of you,
    God will take care of you.

    Through days of toil when heart doth fail,
    God will take care of you;
    When dangers fierce your path assail,
    God will take care of you.

    All you may need He will provide,
    God will take care of you;
    Nothing you ask will be denied,
    God will take care of you.

    No matter what may be the test,
    God will take care of you;
    Lean, weary one, upon His breast,
    God will take care of you.

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