from the Lord?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“His parents did not know that this was from the Lord…” (Judges 14:4)
I do not believe that God makes everything happen, apart from human freedom.
We are not robots; Samson did not like this woman because God forced him to.
We were made with free choice, to work with God as His willing partners.
Sadly, humans have become unwilling partners, and slaves to our sinful desires.
God knows how we think and act, and He works with our ways for His ways.
We work for selfish reasons, like Samson, to get what we want.
God works for kingdom reasons, for Himself, people and all creation.
He ‘gives us over’ to our desires (Romans 1:24) but uses the outcome for greater good.
In this way, what happens in the world is “from the Lord”, or part of His plan.
The same with Joseph, and the same with Jesus (Genesis 50:20, Acts 2:13-15).
And the same with us; God does not cause human folly or misery, but He does use it.
This makes me think about my struggles; how are they “from the Lord”?
What is the Lord up to, how is He working through our sinful mess?
Is He setting me up for something better, and will I work with God for greater good?
Lord, letting my struggles discourage and defeat me only makes things worse. Help me to step into this struggle with You, and somehow bring something better out of it!


  1. Samson’s actions as a Nazirite sure makes me wonder, yet if I’m honest, I’ve seen God use bad things or wrong things in my life to turn to good purpose – when I’ve deviated and done what is wrong – following my own desires, my ego. I regret it later and learn from it. God allows Samson’s sensual side get the better of his judgement – and uses it to incite the Philistines. Israel had deserted God and God gave them over to Philistine rule – God had purposely allowed that rule – and now God was once again stepping in – in a very different way through Samson. Samson did not realize he was using his desire for this woman, his killing of the lion along the way, the riddle game, his giving in and its outcome. Samson was marked as a Nazirite – yet his practice was something other – yet God still used him. God can use me too – as a child of his – even when sometimes I’m deviant.

  2. Samson was a gift from the Lord to the parents for God’s purposes.
    Yet, Samson and/or His people make wrong choices which the Lord God can still use for His purposes. I need to be Spirit driven, SpiritLed, His wonders to perform. I was created to serve Him. I need to be led in His way all the time and I need to remember all the time that I am not my own. Created to serve.

    Spirit Of The Living God,
    Fall Afresh On Me.
    Spirit Of The Living God,
    Fall Afresh On Me.
    Melt Me, Mold Me,
    Fill Me, Use Me,
    Spirit Of The Living God,
    Fall Afresh On Me.

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