‘Mud-in-the-eye-refuse-to-die’ realistic faith


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Rise up and help us. Save us because of Your faithful love!” (Psalm 44:26)
At one time faith was simple: God was great, God was good, everything made sense.
But things got more complicated: good people suffered, bad people prospered!?!?
Then came perplexity – what? why? how? when? – nothing fit with my simple faith.
This psalm seems to follow this pattern: from blessing to difficulty to despair.
Life can be so messy, so many of us feel like we’re stuck, trapped, doomed.
‘Where are You God, why is this happening to me, please do something!!!’
As Jesus followers, we can be honest about our struggles, like Jesus was.
Life is more complicated; often it’s downright perplexing… we need to admit this.
“You will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:23)
The mystery of faith is clinging to God through the muck of difficulty.
Not ‘pie-in-the-sky’ simplistic faith but ‘mud-in-the-eye-refuse-to-die’ realistic faith.
As life pulls you down, keep looking up and reaching out to the One that loves you!
By faith grit your teeth, cling to God and demand (through the muck and the tears)…
“Rise up and help us. Save us because of Your faithful love!” (Psalm 44:26)
Lord, from my perspective (and the Psalmist), life and suffering do not fit simple explanations. Still I refuse to let go. Wake up, do something, rise up, save us, because without You there is NO HOPE!


  1. The Psalmist writes about rejection by God even though as he writes the people have been faithful – why does God not fight with them? Like the disciples asking why the crippled man was afflicted – was it his sin or his parent’s sin – we seek cause and effect answers – but maybe we need to both trust that God even when things seem bad for us – for He knows what’s best and sees the big picture for us, but we also must seek what it is the Lord wants us to do – to seek his will – beyond merely coasting along and being a good person and obedient to the laws. What is it that God wanted His people to do that they didn’t do – even though they kept his ordinances? What is it that God has given me the privilege to participate in – in his Kingdom work? Help me to be faithful and help me key and eye on what it is God is calling me to do!

  2. God calls us to be His followers. But even as followers of Jesus, life is not all roses. Even roses have thorns. As followers we do not understand the pain, the thorns in living for Jesus. At all times I need to cling to Him Who understands the struggles of His children. I need to take hold of Him at all times.

    In doubt and temptation
    I rest, Lord, in Thee;
    My hand is in Thy hand,
    Thou carest for me;
    My soul with Thy counsel
    Through life Thou wilt guide,
    And afterward make me
    In glory abide.


    My God, I will extol Thee
    And ever bless Thy name;
    Each day will I give thanks to Thee
    And all Thy praise proclaim.

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