Drop the ‘IF!’

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 27:38-44

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Come down from the cross, IF you are the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:40)
Behind these mockers is the deceiving, accusing voice of Satan.
This isn’t the first time Satan uses “IF you are the Son of God” (Matthew 4:3,6)
And I think this is also implied in the first temptation.
‘If you are God’s children, why is he keeping this wonderful fruit from you?’
The Enemy wants to slip doubt into our mind, to trip us up.
If you belong to God, why are you suffering like this?
If you are God’s child, why isn’t your life better?
If God loves you, why did He let that bad thing happen to you?
What are the IF doubts that the Enemy whispers into your mind?
“He trusts in God, let God rescue him now IF he wants him.” (Matthew 27:43)
That Jesus went through this shows that it will happen to us too.
Satan hasn’t stopped doing what he has always done; he wants to ruin us.
How can I arm myself for this, and respond like Jesus with God’s truth?
Drop the IF and declare with Jesus, “I AM the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:43)
Lord Jesus, You challenged Satan’s lies with God’s truth. Help me to do the same, even when my circumstances seem against me. I am a child of God!


  1. The passerbys knew of Jesus.
    The thieves on the cross knew of Jesus.
    People also today know of Jesus.
    Yet they go their own way. They do not know Him.
    Their choice was/is no God.
    Their eyes do not see nor their ears hear the word of the Lord.
    Open my eyes Lord.
    Open my ears Lord.
    Then I can see Him and walk in His SonShine.

    Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
    Open the eyes of my heart
    I want to see You
    I want to see You

    To see You high and lifted up
    Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
    Pour out Your power and love
    As we sing holy, holy, holy

  2. Misunderstood and insulted – primed for anger – at least that is how I would feel. What did it take for Jesus to restrain himself: His mission to save us! He held back from responding to the mockery and sham justice – even the other two had fun – even though they too were condemned to die. Satan seeks to destroy what God created good – he sought to destroy all – not only Jesus – but even the souls of those tormenting him. It was a hopeless situation – but Jesus remained steadfast – and he accomplished his mission to save us! Help me HS to be steadfast and determined not to let the cares and pleasures of this world tease me away from serving you! Maybe I be firm in conviction that Jesus is alive – the Son of God – my Saviour- making me a child of God!

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