Disciples that make disciples

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 28:16-20

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19)
What does it mean to make disciples?
The church has made it a program for experts (ministers, evangelists, teachers).
Many (most?) disciples today don’t see this as something they can do.
We need to make this normal again, so that anyone can do it.
But not as a course or program… just as humble sincere witness.
When we know Jesus, He changes us and makes our lives different.
He makes us more loving, patient, kind, humble, etc (Galatians 5:22-23).
If Jesus is alive, and if He is in our lives, it will be evident.
We don’t need to convert or convince others, just let them see Jesus at work in us.
If faith, hope and love are changing you, the Spirit will convince and convert.
The real question is: have I met the living Jesus, and is He living in me?
If He is, that is all I need to share; the Spirit will take it from there.
If He is not, then work on this before trying to witness to others.
If we are growing as disciples, this will be attractive to others.
Lord, knowing You is (or ought to be) life-changing. Help me to be a disciple, so that You can make more disciples through me.


  1. “All authority in heaven and earth”. As followers named after the Saviour, we are commissioned in the name of Jesus – we go with access to authority – even in the face of opposition and persecution. Those who have been martyred knew this and could face their tormentors and executioners – and so I too must be faithful and can be when I tap into the authority of Jesus. Help me Jesus to stay connected to you- let the counsel of your Holy Spirit guide and inspire me!

  2. The great commission.
    Gifted. God with us. Living for Jesus.
    Others need to see that we are alive in Him by our fruit.
    Do they see?
    Make me an instrument of Your peace.

    If you but trust in God to guide you,
    And place your confidence in Him,
    You’ll find Him always there beside you
    To give you hope and strength within;
    For those who trust God’s changeless love
    Build on the Rock that will not move.
    Only be still and wait His pleasure
    In cheerful hope, with heart content:
    He fills your needs to fullest measure
    With what discerning love has sent;
    Doubt not our inmost wants are known
    To Him who chose us for His own.
    Sing, pray, and keep His ways unswerving,
    Offer your service faithfully,
    And trust His word; though undeserving,
    You’ll find His promise true to be;
    God never will forsake in need
    The soul that trusts in Him indeed.

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