The truth of what Jesus says!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“A new teaching — and with authority!” (Mark 1:27)
When Jesus spoke, what He said was weighty and deep, it rang true.
Jesus was not just good with words, or comfortable in front of an audience.
What He said, and how He said it, seemed to come from God.
And what He said even compelled demons to listen, and leave.
This is what I sense when I hear Jesus’s teaching, and see His life.
It is the weight and depth of Jesus’s teaching that convinces me to trust Him.
It’s not that I like what He says – it is radical and impossible.
Yet it rings true; it convicts me, comforts me, and compels me to be better.
And His portrayal of God speaks to how I deep down sense God is.
Further, He not only speaks it, He lives it too.
The life He lived matches the words He taught, and the world was impacted.
I am convinced that Jesus’s teaching and help are what I and the world needs.
He continues to speak with authority to me, and I continue to want to follow Him.
For myself, I have decided to follow Jesus and His teaching… how about you?
Lord, what You say (and how You lived) rings true to me. But it is also impossible for me to follow You in Your way. I need Your mercy, I need Your help. Thank You for giving me both!


  1. In the beginning, God spoke and the world was created. By the living word -the word of authority. Jesus spoke and still speaks – his words change us – and they changed those who heard him. They witnessed his authority. People were ready to follow the Messiah – because of his command – because by his voice they heard but they also saw. Jesus had to be careful – for he had a mission to accomplish – and his popularity would prevent him if the crowds had their way. For me, Jesus words have authority – the authority to grant me full forgiveness! Help me to speak and act with authority that comes from you!

  2. Jesus spoke with authority. When He spoke God spoke. He did not need the help of other authorities quoting them or having delegated authority. He spoke the very words of God the even the evil spirits obeyed Him. And then there was the love in action with that authority. Certainly the religious leaders missed that basic ingredient of their ministry in Christ’s days.
    Word and deed show in whose power we stand. I need to be led by His Spirit to live my life for Him to be an instrument of His peace.

    Make me a servant
    Humble and meek
    Lord let me lift up
    Those who are weak
    And may the prayer
    Of my heart always be
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant today

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