When the church needs to be silenced!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“But he gave them strict orders not to tell others about him.” (Mark 3:12)
Jesus silences the impure spirits, even though what they say is true.
He knows that they are not good press, that they cause more harm than good.
They want to whip up the crowds into rebellious frenzy, to make it harder for Jesus.
They claim the name of Jesus, but do not seek His honour.
As Jesus followers, we have been commissioned to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8).
The church through history has carried the Name of Jesus wherever it went.
But has it always been for His honour, has it always been good press?
The sad fact is many christians have caused more harm than good.
In Jesus’ Name we have enslaved, cheated, taken land and wealth, crushed culture.
Jesus silences demons, but I wonder how many christians He has wanted to silence.
Claiming Jesus’ Name is not enough, we must model the message of Jesus too.
As those saved by grace, we ought to overflow with the same grace for others.
The world may not be opposed to Jesus, but to the church which speaks for Him.
Jesus is challenging me to be sure my deeds support my words as I witness for Him!
Lord, I can see how frustrating this must be. Forgive us for allowing impure spirits to mess up our witness for You. And help us to show You with our actions, not just our words.


  1. Coming to Jesus.
    Expecting great things? Seeing what He has done? Giving Him praise and honour?
    To know Him is to love Him is to serve Him. My head and my heart and my hands must be in sync. By my words and deeds others need to see Christ in me. I am His and He is mine and His banner over me is love. Love God. Love neighbours.

    1 Come to the Savior now,
    He gently calleth thee;
    In true repentance bow,
    Before Him bend the knee;
    He waiteth to bestow
    Salvation, peace and love,
    True joy on earth below,
    A home in heaven above.

    2 Come to the Savior now,
    Ye who have wandered far;
    Renew your solemn vow,
    For His by right you are;
    Come, like poor wandering sheep
    Returning to His fold;
    His arm will safely keep,
    His love will ne’er grow cold.

    3 Come to the Savior now!
    He offers all to thee,
    And in His merits thou
    Hast an unfailing plea.
    No vain excuses frame,
    For feelings do not stay;
    None who to Jesus came
    Were ever sent away.

    4 Come to the Savior, all,
    Whate’er your burdens be;
    Hear now His loving call,
    “”Cast all your care on Me.””
    Come, and for every grief,
    In Jesus you will find
    A sure and safe relief,
    A loving Friend and kind.

  2. Jesus did not want popularity – in fact it was detrimental to him accomplishing his mission. We can get caught up in a desire to be popular, well liked – and looked up to – but that is also detrimental to our ministry. Just thinking of popular Christian leaders and how when the adulations come in they too are at risk of losing it. Lord, help me to see my life of service – not one of popularity but one of doing what’s right – what Jesus would want me to do!

  3. Lord help us know when to keep silent and to encourage others to be still. Give us the strength and wisdom to stay clear of those who use Your Name for themselves, and help us not be among them.

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