What kind of soil am I?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed.” (Mark 4:3)
God has a dream for this world, and He is planting the seeds to make it grow.
God’s kingdom dream involves transforming this world through love and mercy.
Jesus starts this revolution Himself, and He gathers others to join with Him.
Some people reject the dream, but many people like it…
That is, until it gets hard or personal or demanding or uncomfortable.
Similarly, many were inspired by Martin Luther King’s dream but did not join in.
Risk, sacrifice, opposition, laziness, selfishness… many pressures hold us back.
What is holding me back from embracing the seed of God’s kingdom dream?
Jesus is calling us to fully engage His message, to let it produce results.
“Other seed fell on good soil, multiplying thirty, sixty, a hundred times.” (Mark 4:8)
As a Jesus follower, I am called to produce a harvest of love in a world of hate!
Salvation is not just being saved from sin, it is being saved for Jesus-like love.
God’s grace WILL produce good fruit, the fruit of the Spirit, if I am “good soil”.
Am I “good soil” that transforms this world with Jesus through love and mercy?
Lord, help me to see that being a Christian is more than being saved. It is about joining You in the kingdom dream, and participating in the kingdom harvest. May my life produce this fruit!


  1. The farmer expects a return on the seed sown. One sows to produce a crop. So it is with God’s Word. His Word needs to take root in our hearts and that Word needs to produce good fruit – the fruit of the Spirit. Others need to see that fruit also in e by my words and deeds.

    Apples don’t grow on pear trees
    Apples don’t grow on pear trees
    Apples don’t grow on pear trees
    No apples there! it only grows pears

    Bananas don’t grow on plum trees
    Bananas don’t grow on plum trees
    Bananas don’t grow on plum trees
    No ‘nanas come! They only grow plums.

    Your heart is where the words of your mouth grow
    Your mouth is where the thoughts of your heart go
    Jesus, change our hearts to bear,
    To bear good fruit

  2. Choked soil. I think that seems to be the label I see mostly now – for myself as well. Whether its the busyness of our lives or in other activities of recreation or events. Somehow need to manage that better and give more priority to spending time and being available as I live each day – instead of passing by what may be opportunity to plant seed.

  3. The seed that fell amongst the thorns. I constantly feel that my walk in faith is being choked by the numerous responsibilities – as I type this I received a pressing email that left this comment sitting for 10 minutes! Lord help me make time for you. I’ve realized that serving the local church alone does not bring me closer to You, teach me to put all else aside and focus on You alone.

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