A thankful, joyful heart!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me.” (Psalm 50:23)
When God gave the Law of Moses to Israel, He did not WANT blood sacrifices.
But blood sacrifices represent the death penalty, the natural result of sin.
God put these sacrifices in place to show people the seriousness of sin.
Unfortunately God’s people failed to understand the purpose of the sacrifices.
They were meant to symbolize God’s grace – releasing us from the death penalty.
And they were meant to symbolize our gratitude – thanking God for His forgiveness.
In this Psalm, Asaph reminds the people how God is not interested in blood.
God wants our hearts, our love, gratitude and devotion – in response to God’s grace.
Those who are genuinely grateful, and show it by their lives, they honour God!
Jesus put an end to the sacrifice, but not to God’s desire for joyful gratitude.
God still wants our hearts, our love, gratitude and devotion.
God isn’t moved by our modern religious actions (going to or giving to the church).
God isn’t impressed by our spiritual practices (reading the bible, volunteering).
Those who are genuinely grateful, and show it by their lives, they honour God!
Lord, make Your grace SO REAL to me that everything I say and do naturally flows from a thankful, joyful heart!


  1. Lord thank you for your instruction and your clarity – help us see the difference in our actions as starkly as the Psalmist has written. Help me not be among the wicked, bridle my tongue and give offerings of thanks. Thank you for your promise to deliver us in our day of trouble.

  2. God is to be totally respected and honoured. I must honour him in spirit and in truth – no hypocrisy – that call will test and evaluate – there is accountability. I must honour God willingly and wholeheartedly. “Sacrifice thank offerings to God,
    fulfill your vows to the Most High,
    and call on me in the day of trouble;
    I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”
    God will respond to all who are genuine and contrite. I am grateful for what God has done – I will honour him with my whole heart!

  3. Thanksgiving day is every day.
    I need to live a life of thanksliving.
    I need a to live a life with an attitude of gratitude with altitude serving Him.
    May others see Christ in me as I continue to live in His presence walking in His SonShine for the joy of the Lord God is my strength.

    1 Come into God’s presence singing

    2 Come into God’s presence singing
    “Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord.”

    3 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb.”

    4 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Glory to God,
    glory to God,
    glory to God.”

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