Going deeper with God


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“After leaving them, he went up on a mountainside to pray.” (Mark 6:46)
We were made to live in close fellowship with God… like Jesus.
We were also made to live in authority over creation, not in fear of it.
Living independently of God, creation becomes a threat and we live in fear.
But with God, we can overcome mountains and walk on stormy waters.
Is this just figurative, or is this for real?
We can’t know for sure what life will be in the restored creation.
But I do believe it will be beyond our present experience, and awesome.
In the meantime, we approach our challenges with faith in God.
But this faith is more than a ‘belief system’, it is a relationship.
The source of Jesus’ strength was His close fellowship with God.
God wants us to want Him, not just the things we can get from Him.
As a Jesus follower, I need to meet God on the mountainside too.
He will enable me to traverse high mountains and stormy seas.
Today I sense the Lord inviting me to deepen my prayer life.
Lord, I’m sensing the shallowness of my prayer life. You are inspiring me to go deeper, that I may climb higher and move more confidently in life.


  1. Emmanuel.
    God with us.
    When adversity strikes, a life threatening storm, where is my Saviour? He is always with me and I need to rely upon Him for strength. As He saw and answered the disciples stress call so too I need to trust in Him for He is ever watchful. Know God. No fear. Trust Him.

    If you but trust in God to guide you,
    And place your confidence in Him,
    You’ll find Him always there beside you
    To give you hope and strength within;
    For those who trust God’s changeless love
    Build on the Rock that will not move.

  2. I’m thinking – do I have a limited view of Jesus. He’s more than a miracle worker but He is God and has mastery over the universe! Do I know what that means – do I get it?? I act more like the disciples and live in fear or anxious. But really, Jesus is in my temple – He is Lord of the universe. I need to take courage! It’s the only way to live!

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