These words apply to me too!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” (Mark 7:6)
These words make me wonder how the Lord might assess religious people today?
These religious leaders were not insincere; they genuinely believed they were right.
Their religious beliefs and practices were based on the scriptures.
They thought they were honouring God, they thought they were obeying God.
This perfectly describes religious people today, including christians.
Both ‘far left’ and ‘far right’ christians believe they are honouring God.
Christians on both sides take their photo ops with their bibles.
But how does the Lord see them… how does the Lord see me?
Are my lips saying things that are not reflective of my heart?
Is my version of christianity also based on “merely human rules”?
Are my criticisms of the ‘other’ actually exposing my own hypocrisy?
If we don’t think Jesus’s words could apply to us, they probably do!
We all fall short of loving God and others like we ought to!
Which is a reminder to me why we all need God’s mercy and grace!
Lord, open my eyes where my religion draws my heart away from God and elevates myself and my ways above yours!


  1. My first reaction was that these traditions were good hygienic practices – but then I thinking about it, in order for them to wash their hands they would have to be at a place where they can do so. In other words they could not eat if they followed the traditions – and they were likely ‘serving’ the people – as Jesus taught and healed people. The hand washing condition would have prevented them from eating and continuing to be there to serve the people. So we too can have conditions/traditions that may prevent us from serving i.e., I can’t help my neighbour to trim the hedge because its Sunday. He’s out there now – can I serve now- connect with him? We have freedom in Christ – we can use our freedom to serve!

  2. The heart of the matter is – love God. He is first. That is the summary of the law. Nothing can replace that. No tradition. No man made rituals. Our words and deeds, my words and deeds are determined by His love for me and I for Him. Grace and truth shall mark the way. God’s way .

    1 Grace and truth shall mark the way
    Where the Lord His own will lead,
    If His word they still obey
    And His testimonies heed.

    2 For Thy Name’s sake hear Thou me,
    For Thy mercy, Lord, I wait;
    Pardon my iniquity,
    For my sin is very great.

    3 He who walks in godly fear
    In the path of truth shall go;
    Peace shall be his portion here,
    And his sons all good shall know.

    4 They that fear and love the Lord
    Shall Jehovah’s friendship know;
    He will grace to them accord,
    And His faithful covenant show.

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