Still looking up (despite the mess we’re in)!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“This generation will not pass away until these things have happened.” (Mark 13:30)
Jesus is referring to the events of AD 70, when Rome destroys Jerusalem.
Those were terrible times, and since then the world hasn’t gotten any better.
Every generation since that time has endured times of sin’s fury unleashed.
Like ‘whack-a-mole’, evil and violence keep popping up somewhere in the world.
Its been a LONG time since Jesus said this, so when will he be coming?
I am not one to predict the end, it will come when it comes.
The signs of the times are not worse today, they are just different.
It can be depressing to focus on what is going wrong in the world.
But looking away from it doesn’t make it go away, we need something to look to!
“The Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.” (Mark 13:26)
Through all the brokenness and misery of this sin-messed world, I look for Jesus.
The fig tree sprouting can also be seen positively – signs of Jesus at work.
Every day I see signs of Jesus – love, mercy, grace – and it keeps me looking up!
Jesus is at work, if you pay attention… but you have to be looking up to see him!
Lord, COVID pandemic, political chaos, economy crashing, white supremacy riots, fentanyl overdoses, environmental instability, crumbling moral foundations, extremism, mental illess… Your kingdom better be coming, THIS world sucks!


  1. For me the COVID pandemic is just another sign and reminds me of our fallen humanity. There are no surprises. Here in Canada we have been sheltered from much – yet the evidences are there. Through it all, whatever the challenge is, I need to keep my eyes on the finish line – the end of life’s race that is set before me (taking from Hebrews 12:1-3). I can persevere knowing that Jesus will walk along with me through his Spirit. Help me not to be overwhelmed with the misery that comes – but trusting that my saviour is faithful.

  2. Stop. Look. See.
    In times like these, and in all times, in all days I need to look and see evidence of the work that Jesus is doing. I need to answer the question – where did I see Jesus this day? He is here in times like these. Do I have the eyes to see His presence for it is God’s world I am living in. I need to go forward in His name and in His power to live and grow in Him.

    I’m gonna be like a tree, planted by the water
    Trusting in the Father to keep me strong
    I’m gonna be like a tree, planted by the water
    Trusting in the name of the Lord

    The deeper the roots grow
    The better the fruits grow
    The blessings bloom out for all to see
    The deeper the roots grow
    The more of my life shows
    That Jesus is the Lord of me, Lord of me

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