God still does great things like this!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“The Mighty One has done great things for me — holy is his name.” (Luke 1:49)
A young, single girl discovers she is pregnant… with the messiah!?!?
Her life has just been radically altered forever.
Something deep within her explodes – not with rage or despair but with praise.
These words reveal that she is humbled and honoured by holy God.
She recognizes that God is fulfilling his promise to save the world, through her.
A nobody from nowhere, suddenly becomes one of history’s greatest known people.
But she is not rejoicing in her fame, but in what God is doing for all humbled people.
“He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble.” (Luke 1:52)
This is the “great thing” God is still doing in history, lifting up the humble.
While all eyes are on the famous, the powerful, the rich, the ‘big people’…
God’s eyes are on the ‘little people’, doing great things we may not see or know about.
In this world they may be poor, meek, mourning, hungry for justice, desperate for peace…
But in God’s eyes they’re the ones who are the blessed ones!
If you feel small, weak, desperate, lonely, unimportant, you can sing with Mary.
Lord, I pray for the ‘little people’ who feel small, weak, unloved, ignored. Expand their hearts with your greatness, let them know that you know, you care, and you will do great things for them!


  1. Mission possible.
    All the events of the OT are being fulfilled.
    Mary accepted her mission in faith and obedience.
    Her song of praise proclaims His faithfulness and grace. He is the promised Saviour and has not forgotten His own. And as I stand on the threshold of the new year I pray that He will continue to guard and guide me as I live for Him walking daily in His SonShine.

    Make me a servant
    Humble and meek
    Lord let me lift up
    Those who are weak
    And may the prayer
    Of my heart always be
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant today

  2. Mary in her humility declares: “he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant”. God cared for her in beautiful ways – yet her heart was broken from time to time I am sure. In the same way, I too may know that God is mindful of us if we approach Him as we ought – humbly! We have no rights and no claim – we come because of His expansive grace to us in Jesus! You, O Lord are mindful of our sinful state – and you redeemed us to be righteous before you! Thank you for not giving up on us but caring for us – always!

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