Sent like Jesus into the world!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.” (Luke 2:22)
Jesus’s first days included Jewish practices: circumcision, dedication, purification, sacrifice.
Circumcision is the sign of God’s covenant with Abraham and his children (Genesis 17:1-14).
Firstborn sons were dedicated to recall the death of Egypt’s firstborn sons (Exodus 13:14-16).
Sacrifices were offered for purifying the mother after childbirth (Leviticus 12:1-8).
These practices seem awful to us today, but they were normal in those times.
God used the cultural practices of the day to reach and teach the people.
Through Jesus God comes down to our level to bring us back to his level!
Jesus becomes like us (culture, time, tradition-bound) to help us back to God.
“God sent his Son, born under the law, to redeem those under the law.” (Galatians 4:4-5)
We are not expected to become Jewish or be bound by these laws and traditions.
But like Jesus we are to become servants within our cultures, to help people back to God.
We live in culture, but we do not live for culture… we live for God and for Jesus!
We go to into our communities in order to present the people we meet to the Lord!
We are sent into the dominion of Canada to represent and restore the kingdom of God.
Lord, help me not to get sidetracked by our culture and context that I forget why I am here. Help me to fulfill my mission, as you did yours!


  1. Jesus thank you for consecrating us to God with your blood, as His children. I’m reminded again of when you said that you came not to abolish the laws like these of consecration and purification through sacrifice but to fulfill them.

  2. First place – at the beginning. As a couple becomes a family – that first child changes everything. It is God that gives us the privilege to raise children. This ritual of redeeming the firstborn to the Lord – recognizes that we have been entrusted with a new life because of God’s will and grace. I am given life – to live it dedicated to the Lord – I too am set aside as a believer – a Jesus follower to live for Him. I have also been redeemed – more than just a few pigeons sacrificed – but by Jesus. I am here to represent him wherever I go.

  3. We are not our own but His, bought with a price. Our children are also a gift of the Lord for Kingdom service. We were created to serve. They can tell we are kids of the kingdom by our love

    Make me a servant
    Humble and meek
    Lord let me lift up
    Those who are weak
    And may the prayer
    Of my heart always be
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant today

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