Make me a blessing!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“So that your ways may be known on earth.”(Psalm 67:2)
This is a prayer for God’s blessing.
But notice WHY the writer wants to be blessed.
SO THAT other people will know God and be blessed.
God originally chose Abraham to bless all nations (Genesis 12:3).
But as time passed, his family forgot about blessing others.
Jesus came for the sake of others, to bless all nations.
But he went further than seeking to be blessed.
He forfeited his own blessing, to bless others.
He emptied himself, so that others might be filled (Philippians 2:5-11).
Jesus calls us to go beyond seeking blessing.
As a Jesus follower, being a blessing is my life’s calling.
Maybe my prayer should be USE ME (not BLESS ME) to bless others!
We share with David and Jesus a concern for the nations.
But will I, like Jesus, sacrifice my blessings for others?
Lord, You are not calling me to seek your blessing, but to share your blessing. May I be a blessing today!


  1. By being a people blessed by God – we become a witness – a testimony of God’s grace – which is for all people. As we are blessed we are enabled to bless others. We are not to hold back – but as the Psalmist says – may the peoples around us be glad and sing for joy – as they praise the God who’s blessing and grace is given. May we be conduits of God’s grace! Help me think of myself that way – so that others may too want to know Jesus!

  2. ‘that your way may be known on earth,
    your saving power among all nations.’

    My prayer is that the nations today know His saving power. The rulers today put their trust in their own resources of might and power and greed and money. Open our eyes Lord that You once again shine upon us and that the peoples praise You. Turn our hearts to You and guide the nations upon the earth. Let us all together praise the Lord.

    I will always love the Lord
    With all of my heart
    I will always sing his praise
    With all of my strength
    Through the bad times and the good
    I’ve proved his love is true

    So honour the Lord with me
    [We honour you Lord]
    Honour the Lord with me
    [We honour you Lord]
    Let’s celebrate
    A God so good, a God so great
    Honour the Lord with me
    [We honour you Lord]
    Honour the Lord with me

    I will always trust the Lord
    With all of my heart
    I will place my hope in him
    With all of my strength
    He has been my hiding place
    Whenever I feel afraid

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